What a great success ‘ERKO STEM Expo’ was on Thursday 14 November. The day was buzzing with all students sharing their learning with parents, carers and visitors.

STEM education is a cross-disciplinary approach to the learning and application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics outcomes, to solve real-world problems. STEM education provides opportunities for students to empathise with real-world problems that place curiosity, relevance and motivation as the cornerstones of sustained engagement and meaningful learning.

Our teachers worked with the students to look at a real-world problem that was contemporary and purposeful. All of the students followed a stage appropriate engineering design process that required mathematical, scientific and technological knowledge and skills to create a solution. This solution in the end may be a product or system and be created by non-digital and/or digital technologies. The problem solving process was informed by curiosity, interest and experience, enabling each learner to empathise in meaningful ways.

We were lucky to have Sydney Catholic Schools come and support our teachers and students. We would like to personally thank Annie Lord and Roslyn Mahrous for sharing their expertise and knowledge, and for taking the time to work in partnership with our school. Thanks to Michelle Walters who has continually supported our school and lastly our teachers who dedicated hours to make the STEM Expo happen, with the support of Anne our Principal.